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A Not For Profit corporation, Family Outreach Group, founded 1981 to help meet 
the needs of veteran's and their families, where conventional methods suffer and 
fall short of publicly shared information.

Our Pledge To Veterans And Their Families

"FOG will maintain consistent effort to remain a timely dissemination of news, information, encouragement and entertainment. Published in an open forum with limited censorship, FOG hopes to enhance compatibility and communication among all branches of service and eras for a renewed sense of Personal Worth and National Pride."

Together then... Together now...
"Together we will make a difference!"

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Production was March 2014! We printed 10,000 copies 24 Page Full Color Magazine, Printed and circulated Bi-monthly, when funds allow.

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As members of several great organizations National and local, we realize we are individuals with many interests, as well as friends who share dreams and devotions to many other worthy causes!  In most every situation we cannot serve at one without some what neglecting the others. We all have talent that each organization could benefit from in several or more ways.

We share some past publishing and know how to improve the quality and value now where it can do the most good for all! We have set up and conducted several successful benefits & fundraisers and can help any organization or group raise extra funds with only a few members participating! 
This publication will share other ideas to help your group!

Our goal now is to get back to publishing and help meet the needs for local support in our communities right now!
Most of the pictures you see on this website were taken while attending to show support but there are stories that should be told and a medium to share.

Our veterans deserve more than they get nobody can disagree.
 Our communities deserve to know what our services provide and who is who taking leadership of the local organizations and what projects they offer!
  FOG will help share light. 

This monthly journal will contribute to all veterans, fraternal organizations and families and will display DAV, VFW, American Legion, Amvets, VVA, IAVA and many other support organizations with contact information!
We will also highlight business and agencies that support Veterans and their families! We will help promote many events and activities that many groups promote and offer a little promotional boost to their fundraisers! We will invite select interested chapters an opportunity to join us in our sponsor campaign.

We will share the information and resources freely from North to South, East to West and all points between as availability and means provide! We will depend on the veterans reaching us as much as we will reach out to them!

We cannot do this without a massive amount of help which we depend and rely on and expect from our friends, comrades and the families who want to help but didn’t know how in the past!

We accept donations and subscriptions as well as advertising space sales! 
Mail inquiries to FOG2014@aol.com  

Thank You and God Bless

Thank you for visiting a review of what we try to do and caring.
As we rebuild, I hope you will join us in this service to veterans and families and please donate!
This is a picture at a Veterans Day speech in Rusk CO
These pictures at LZ Lambeau.
 CMH Gary Wetzel was one of the great guest speakers.
DAV reserved 25 seats for this monumental tribute to all Vietnam Veterans during LZ Lambeau WI
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